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Obelus is a lightweight, 2-player abstract strategy game, playable in 10-15 minutes. As a powerful Mensor, you will summon obelisk-shaped dice onto conflux cards, shift your obelisks according to the number showing, and banish your opponent’s obelisks. Banished obelisks may be reformed through clever maneuvering, creating a rift that prevents further summoning on that conflux. You win when your opponent cannot legally summon or shift an obelisk!

Content and Credits


8 Conflux Cards, 8 Obelisk Dice, 8 Rift Tokens, 1 Rulebook



Game Design: Chris Williams
Art: Asritha Nancharla
Art Direction: Jason Miceli
Graphic Design: Darrin Horbal
Game Development: Jason Miceli
Production: Phase Shift Games

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