A Note From Dan

Here at Tabletop Tycoon, I always welcome exceptional individuals who want to follow me in our ongoing quest to have a lasting, sustainable, positive impact on the tabletop games industry for generations.

  • I’m looking for people who thrive by engaging in challenging and satisfying work with tangible, real-world results each day. We love working face-to-face around the table with our team to make amazing games and products.

  • I'm looking for reliable people who show up on time, meet their deadlines, stay current, demonstrate excellent organizational skills, and do more with less.

  • I'm looking for motivated people who are eager to work in a rapid-paced work environment with lots of variety. I'm looking for folks who learn quickly, absorb and retain information well, and who are energized by the new opportunities of each project.

  • I’m looking for people who lean into communicating and seek to understand fellow team members. I am looking for those who know when to ask for help, when to offer help, when to accept help, and how to show sincere gratitude.

  • I’m looking for folks who celebrate the joy of day-to-day life and create fun every day.

If you are such a person and you’re excited to work face-to-face around the many tables here at our awesome headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire, I may have a role for you.

Together we craft and sell games and products that bring joy to the lives of our customers.

We make a difference every day. We make the world better, one game at a time.

We Currently Have THREE TWO Open Roles.

We offer fully paid tryouts for those interested in joining our team. Read on to learn more.

Dan Yarrington
Founder & CEO

Healthy Pay And Amazing Benefits

We reward our adventurers with excellent pay and an amazing array of benefits.

Supporting Your Health And Well-Being

Paid Wellness Time

We offer expansive paid time off that can be used when you need to take time for your health. By providing ample paid time off, we encourage our team members to be proactive in staying healthy.

Paid Personal Time


Our extensive paid time off can also be used when you need to take time for yourself-flexibility for when you need it.

Additional Paid Scheduled Vacations

We have two annual company-wide vacations (one at the end of the year, one in the middle of the year), which provide additional paid time off so we can all relax, unwind, and schedule rest, travel, or whatever helps you make your life meaningful.

Dental Insurance

We pay for 100% of the dental insurance premiums for qualified team members who opt-in and 50% of the premiums for their enrolled family.


Excellent Health Insurance


We pay for 100% of the health care premiums for qualified team members who opt-in to our plan. We offer multiple plan options, including our Platinum Plan, at no premium cost to you.

Supporting You When You Need It Most

Paid Emergent Medical Leave

We provide supplemental paid time off to care for your loved ones when the unexpected happens.

Paid Bereavement Leave

We provide supplemental paid time off to grieve and care for your loved ones when you suffer a loss.

Family Medical Leave

We provide additional job-stability support through FMLA if your other paid leave runs out.

Supporting You During All Phases Of Life

Professional Development Opportunities

We offer financial support for the costs of continuing education and training so you can continue to learn and grow.

Milestone Bonuses

We award special, substantial bonuses to celebrate your 3, 5, 7, and 10 year work anniversaries and every 5 years thereafter. These are significant bonuses to mark the milestones of your time with the organization and help you do big things.

Paid Parental Leave

We offer paid parental leave for qualified team members who welcome a new child into their family.

401(k) Plans

We cover the administrative costs of a robust 401(k) offering so you can choose how you want to save and invest.

Supporting Your Ability To Play And Enjoy Life

Free Copies of Games & Products We Publish

All staff are allowed to request our published titles for personal use so you can enjoy and celebrate the fantastic accomplishments of our team and share them wherever you play.

Monthly Free Games Allowance

We love games made by all publishers, and we know you do too! We provide free store credit each month for you to get games from our Glimmerhold store, which features all the latest and greatest of the entire tabletop games industry.

Company-Sponsored Events

We host events that we pay for both at our headquarters and out in the world to celebrate and engage with your interests and to create shared experiences with our team and the people we love. Whether we’re hosting a Misfit Movie Night here in our theater, renting out a movie theater for the latest blockbuster, hosting charity tournaments with free entry for staff, going to amusement parks, or going out for dinner, we love inviting you to enjoy fantastic experiences on us.

Use of Company Headquarters for Personal Events

We allow staff to reserve use of our headquarters (Glimmerhold), including our massive game room, 18-seat theater, the Tycoon Saloon, and our modest arcade. Whether you want to host a birthday party or other special occasion, you can use our venue (subject to scheduling availability) for free!



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