Our expectations of those representing our brands in their gaming community.

Tabletop Tycoon, Inc. (“Tabletop Tycoon”) unilaterally adopts this Brand Protection Policy (this “Policy”) effective October 1st, 2020. As of this date, customers who purchase and resell our products are, by virtue of their purchase of Tabletop Tycoon products, bound by and required to adhere to this Policy. Our brands and products remain at risk and are jeopardized by negligent marketing tactics and counterfeit products. Tabletop Tycoon believes that implementing and enforcing these brand protection requirements will reduce counterfeiting, fraud, unauthorized products, while enhancing consumers’ perceived value of our brands and products, and serving the best interests of all our stakeholders, including game creators, consumers, and our wholesale resellers.

This Policy applies to all of our publishing imprints and brands including, but not limited to: Starling Games, Victory Point Games, PolyHero Dice, Sparkworks, Flying Meeple, Board Game Booster Box, and any future brands published and/or sold by Tabletop Tycoon.

  1. MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). No reseller of our products may advertise or otherwise promote products at a Net Advertised Price lower than the current MAP for any products. The MAP for our products is the currently shown sales price here on TabletopTycoon.com. Net Advertised Price shall mean the stated Advertised Price reduced by the value of any discounts, coupons, frequent buyer, or other promotional programs or incentives, whether special events, promotions, or regular terms of business. 

  2. Types of Advertising. This Policy applies to all forms of advertising and promotion both online and offline in any and all media. Website features including automatic price display, “Click-for-Price”, automated or preformatted pricing emails, and other reseller-initiated communications constitute an Advertised Price under this Policy

  3. Authorized, Authentic Products Only. Resellers may only offer for sale authentic, authorized products. Any sale of unauthorized or counterfeit products may result in civil and/or criminal liability and prosecution.

  4. No Third-Party Website Sales. Resellers may not sell products through third party marketplaces including but not limited to Amazon.com, eBay.com, AliBaba.com, etc.

  5. No Conveyance Enabling Violation. No reseller may convey any Tabletop Tycoon products covered by this Policy to any person or entity who may violate any of the terms of this Policy.

  6. No Restriction on Pricing. This MAP applies to Advertised Price and does not in any way restrict what our resellers may charge at the final point of sale.

  7. Remedies. Tabletop Tycoon reserves the right to take any action or pursue any legal remedy it deems necessary or appropriate to ensure compliance with this Policy. Violation of the terms of this Policy may result in termination of your ability to purchase our products.  

  8. Construction. Since no Policy can cover every scenario or situation that could potentially arise, Tabletop Tycoon shall use its sole reasonable discretion to address actions designed to circumvent the spirit of this Policy. 

  9. No Negotiation. Tabletop Tycoon adopts this Policy unilaterally and without seeking or accepting any input, assurance of compliance, or confirmation of this Policy. All matters of interpretation of this Policy shall be the sole, unilateral decision of Tabletop Tycoon. 

  10. Updates to Policy. Tabletop Tycoon reserves the right to modify or amend the terms of this Policy at any time at its sole discretion.