Kings Forge Glassworks Expansion

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King's Forge: Glassworks expands King's Forge and adds a whole new material to the game - glass! The wonderfully pliable, yet delicate, glass. Glassworks also includes a bundle of new items to craft using glass, and, of course, places to gather it. New items are ready to be crafted! The Forge is waiting...


King’s Forge Glassworks

King's Forge: Glassworks adds glass as a new material to work in King's Forge. The expansion includes new "glass" material dice, new items that require glass to craft, and new places to gather glass for your workshop.

Add on the Glassworks Plus Pack, and you'll get additional Apprentice and Gather cards - including the all-new Farm dice - along with a foil Christmas Ornament card!

Contents & Credits


26 blue-green translucent “GLASS”, 2 yellow 8-sided for the “Academy” Gather card, 24 Craft cards, 8 Gather Cards, 6 Glassworks tiles



Game Design: Nick Sibicky

Game Design (Gold & Masterworks Expansions): Chris Schreiber

Illustration: Jonathan Kirtz

Art Direction: Dann May

Graphic Design: Jonathan Kirtz, Dann May, Cody Jones

Executive Producer: Dan Yarrington


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