Kings Forge Apprentices Expansion

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Hear ye! Hear ye! This ROYAL DECREE is issued to spread the news of looser government regulations and corporate oversight to all village craftspersons wishing to apply for the position of King Alphons Sedwickson III's court position of King's Forge. The King has graciously approved the use of Apprentices (i.e. "glorified interns") for any person wishing to apply for this royal court position.


King’s Forge Apprentices

King's Forge: Apprentices is a modular expansion for King's Forge! Add any or all of the following to enhance your crafting experience:

• Dice, Smithy tiles, and special rules for adding a fifth player to the game.
• Apprentice cards, which the players can hire to gain permanent bonuses.
• All-new Craft and Gather cards with new requirements and abilities.

Contents & Credits


8 black “METAL” dice, 5 green “WOOD” dice, 3 red “GEM” dice, 2 blue “MAGIC” dice, 18 Apprentice Cards, 18 Craft Cards, 14 Gather Cards, 10 Counterfeit Tokens, 3 Smithy tiles



Game Design: Nick Sibicky

Game Design (Gold & Masterworks Expansions): Chris Schreiber

Illustration: Jonathan Kirtz

Art Direction: Dann May

Graphic Design: Jonathan Kirtz, Dann May, Cody Jones

Executive Producer: Dan Yarrington


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