Kings Forge 3rd Edition

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The Chamberlain is searching the realm for a new Craftmaster to the King and sets a contest for all of the smiths and crafters in the land The first one to forge four items from a list of the Kings favorite weapons and trinkets will be honored as the First Among Crafters and Smiths But watch out because the other crafters and smiths will try to outdo you at every opportunity Are you ready to forge your destiny In Kings Forge players are craftsmen and craftswomen seeking to become the favorite of the King



In King's Forge, players are crafters seeking the favor of the King. A variety of dice represent the materials (metal, wood, gems, and magic) that need to be gathered and crafted into mundane and marvelous items. The first player to forge four items that are up to the exacting standard of their monarch will be crowned the winner.

King's Forge is an elegant and easy-to-learn game that balances carefully building up your supply of materials with the creative risks of attempting to create a masterwork. Clever dice management, advanced planning, fierce competition, and nail-biting luck are part of every game of King's Forge.

Contents & Credits


42 black (metal) dice, 22 green (wood) dice, 14 red (gem) dice, 10 blue (magic) dice, 2 white (library) dice, 1 purple (cemetery) die, 53 cards, 33 Craft cards, 18 Gather cards, 2 Reference cards, 1 Victory card, 4 Dock tiles, 4 Smithy tiles, 2 Automatic 6 tokens, 2 +1/+1 tokens, 1 First player anvil token, 1 Game board, 1 Rulebook



Game Design: Nick Sibicky

Game Design (Gold & Masterworks Expansions): Chris Schreiber

Illustration: Jonathan Kirtz

Art Direction: Dann May

Graphic Design: Jonathan Kirtz, Dann May, Cody Jones

Executive Producer: Dan Yarrington


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