Everdell Bellfaire Expansion

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Bellfaire is a modular expansion for Everdell packed with exciting new content to experience and explore!

  • Unique player powers for each type of critter in Everdell
  • Rules for 5-6 players
  • The Bellfaire board with a revolving Market location, and endgame Garland awards. 

Everdell Expansions & Accessories

Contents & Credits


1 Bellfaire board, 7 Garland Award Tiles, 1 Flower Festival Event Tile, 9 Special Event Cards, 4 Forest Cards, 15 Player Power Cards, 1 Rugwort Token, 8 Axolotl/Any Tokens, 1 Market Board, 4 Market Tokens, 6 Player Boards, 12 Critters (Including 6 Cardinals and 6 Toads), 2 Frog Ambassador Meeple


Expansion Design: James A. Wilson

Development: Dann May, Brenna Noonan

Art: Andrew Bosley

Art Direction/Graphic Design: Dann May

Executive Producer: Dan Yarrington

Playtesters: Clarissa Wilson, Nathan Wilson, Jacob Parker, Jonathan Parker, Lee Kaiser, Maximilian Berbechelov, Iskra Dyulgerova, Karl Schwantes, Chriss Peske, Tom Peske, Amy Peske, Alex Peske, James Charlick, Jonathan Ramundi, Kat Rendek, Trevor Baker, Gregory Delaney-Mucklow, Cory Kneeland, Angela Kneeland, Marie Kneeland, Michael Forrey, Tim Dolloff, Benjamin Leroy-Beaulieu, Kim Williams, Anthony Williams, Erin Williams, Rob Bell, Kat Slosarska-Bell, Jonathan Baxter, Erin Baxter, Andrew Albertsen


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