Will you save Germany and thousands of lives, or will Hitler and the Third Reich prevail?

Follow real-life events in Germany throughout World War II in Black Orchestra. You and your playgroup assume the roles of a group of defected Nazi conspirators known as “Schwarze Kapelle”, the Black Orchestra, who take on overwhelming odds in a plot to assassinate the Fuehr. You will travel throughout Europe to collect items, advance your plot and chase down Hitler, all while avoiding arrest from the Gestapo.

This deeply thematic board game is perfect for solo or cooperative play. The high risk and drama of these historic events are palpable for the players as tension grows each turn. Your next dice roll could be the one that saves Europe... or land you in an undisclosed location for interrogation.

Just like the historic plots to assassinate Hitler, your success depends on careful planning, sound strategy, and a touch of luck.

Whether you are looking for a medium-weight WWII board game or a visually and historically immersive experience, Black Orchestra is easy to learn and easy to play making it a great choice for your next game night.

Black Orchestra 2nd Edition

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Join the historic conspiracy known as the Black Orchestra, where you work together with the other players to free Germany from the iron grip of the Third Reich in the only way possible - killing Adolf Hitler. Race across World War II Europe to gather items and information, search for the perfect assassination plot, and time events just right so that you can catch the Fuhrer in your trap. But beware - Hitler's top lieutenants and the ruthless Gestapo are lurking and ever-vigilant in seeking out conspirators against the Reich.

Expansion Content

Contents & Credits


22" x 22" Game Board, 10 Custom Dice, 5 Player Pawns, 84 Event Cards, 51 Conspirator Cards, 24 Interrogation Cards, 6 Deputy Tokens, 24 Item Tiles, 3 Difficulty Tiles, 9 Conspirator Sheets, 11 Tracking Cubes, 1 Rule Book, 1 Victory Card, 1 Reference Sheet



Game Design: Philip duBarry
Additional Game Design: Dann May, Cody Jones
Illustration: Lucas Soriano
Art Direction: Dann May
Graphic Design: Cody Jones, Dann May
Editing & Reference Design: Peter Gifford
Playtesters & Design Consultation: Michael Fox, James Takenaka, Dan Yarrington, Tim Schuetz, Renee Masson, David MacKenzie, Jeffery Norman Bourbeau


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