Tiger Stripes The Card Game

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Earn Your Stripes

You are tiger cubs trying to earn your stripes by capturing matching sets of Prey Cards. The first player to gain seven stripes is the winner

Easy-to-learn, quick to play, Designed by a kid, for kids!, Components are language-free, so younger players can play with instruction

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Contents & Credits

50 Game Cards, 28 Stripe Tokens, 4 Scoring Cards


Game Design: Isabel duBarry & Philip duBarry

Development: Dan Yarrington

Producer: EJ Granbery

Editing and Proofing: Petra Schlunk, Charlotte Jones

Illustration: Felicia Cano

Graphic Design: Madison Shrout

Additional Graphic Design: Jared Gannuscio

Production: Tim Schuetz

Executive Producer & Publisher: Dan Yarrington

Thanks to our amazing playtesters: Avery Freniere, Bill Huffman, Charlotte Jones, Ian duBarry, Iliana duBarry, Immy duBarry, Ingrid duBarry, Isaac duBarry, Jason Pries, Joseph duBarry, Joseph Lattner, Logan Yarrington, Malcolm Yarrington, Mark duBarry, Owen Yarrington, Sara Yarrington, Stephen duBarry, Tim Schuetz

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