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Swords of the Coin includes brand new locations, creatures, and at least 4 new Adventurer classes each with their own unique dice, abilities, and mechanics. All the Adventurers, creatures, and locations from the original Set a Watch are fully compatible with this new standalone expansion and can be mixed and matched for more variety when playing either game.

The Adventurers in Set a Watch are champions gathered from around the Kingdom to defend against the Unhallowed threat. Swords of the Coin is named for the mercenary guild that has recruited outside the Kingdom’s borders to fight the expanding Unhallowed scourge.

Set a Watch: Swords of the Coin

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Set a Watch: Swords of the Coin is a 60-minute, cooperative adventure puzzle game for 1-4 players. Swords of the Coin is a stand-alone expansion featuring the same critically-acclaimed gameplay along with some new twists centered around collecting coins and buying items from the merchant. The expansion is fully compatible with the original game; creatures, locations, and characters can all be mixed and matched together with the original Set a Watch.

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