Set a Watch: Doomed Run

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The Doomed Run expansion organizes the whole Set a Watch series into a replayable campaign. Doomed Run requires the Set A Watch Base Game, Swords of the Coin Expansion, Outriders Deck, and the Forsaken Isles Expansion to play.
In each run, you select a Party of four Adventurers from your Company of heroes. As you play, you will unlock more Adventurers and Mythic Items to aid you on your quest through the Seven Realms.

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The Kingdom is in grave danger...

The Queen, possessing an unwavering resolve and an indomitable spirit, has set forth on an
audacious endeavor. With an unyielding determination, Her Majesty is building a company of
heroes to banish evil from all 7 realms once and for all. In Doomed Run, you will take on side quests
to discover powerful Mythic Items, unlock new secret Adventurers, Warden each realm, and discover
the cult behind the Unhallowed. Who among you will rise to the occasion and answer the Queen’s
call? The Queen awaits your arrival, ready to lead her company of heroes into the fray. Will you
stand alongside her, forging a path toward a brighter future, or will the shadows consume the land?

Contents & Credits


7 Realm Envelopes, 7 Adventurer Boards, 44 Location Cards, 2 Game Break Cards, 6 d4 dice, 3 d6 Dice, 3 d8 Dice, 35 Ability Cards, 1 Falcon Card, 52 Creature Cards, 8 Summon Cards, 12 Unhallowed Cards, 50 Side Quest Cards, 25 Mythic Item Cards, 30 Square Dividers, 20 Card Dividers, 1 Camp Board



Published by Rock Manor Games
Game Design: Todd Walsh & Mike Gnade
Game Development: Ryan Ward & Samuel Bailey
Adventurer Illustrations: Boris Stanisic
Creature Illustrations: Marc Grunert & Bruno Schwartz
Location Illustrations: Andreas Rocha & Rastislav
Graphic Design: T.L. Simons
Item Illustrations: Ella Villa & T.L. Simons
Technical Editing: Andrea Dell'Agnese & Julia Faeta

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