Maximum Apocalypse: Legendary Edition

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Maximum Apocalypse Legendary Edition is a revamped version of the popular survivor game by Rock Manor Games. Maximum Apocalypse fans old and new will fall in love with the new survivor miniatures and custom Game Trayz storage trays. The legendary edition collects the original game and the expansions: (Gothic Horrors, Kaiju Rising, and Jurassic Perils) along with the new Bugpocalypse expansion into one epic box!

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Contents & Credits


19 Survivor Character Cards, 30 Card Gunslinger Deck, 30 Card Fireman Deck, 30 Card Hunter Deck, 30 Card Surgeon Deck, 30 Card Mechanic Deck, 30 Card Veteran Deck, 30 Card Army Ranger Deck, 20 Card Scientist Deck, 30 Card Ronin Deck, 30 Card Priest Deck, 30 Card Adventurer Deck, 11 Apocalypses with Missions, 30 Card Zombie Deck, 30 Card Mutant Deck, 30 Card Alien Deck, 30 Card Robot Deck, 30 Card Kaiju Deck (w/ Robots), 30 Card Vampire Deck, 30 Card Cthulhu Deck, 30 Card Yokai Deck, 30 Card Rapture Deck, 30 Card Dinosaur Deck, 40 Card Bugpocalypse Deck

5 Standees/12 Miniatures, 30 Numbered Spawn Tokens, 4 Ambush Tokens, 5 Safe Tokens, 3 Scavenge Blocks, 5 Bonus Missions, 15 Insanity Cards, 20 Day/Night Cards, 16 Promo Monster cards, 18 Card Allies Expansion, 6 Reference Cards, 94 Scavenge Cards, 1 Scavenge Board, 46 Map Tiles, 26 Dividers, 3 Storage Trays, 2 Main Dice, 6 Hunger Dice, 30 Monster Tokens, 30 Ammo Tokens, 12 Fuel Tokens, 3 Objective Tokens, 1 Token Bag, 6 Health Dials, 4 Dino Egg Tokens, 2 Merch Tokens



Game Design and Development: Mike Gnade
Original Artwork: Gustav Rangmar
Graphic Design: Gustav Rangmar and Mike Gnade
Special Thanks: Matthew Cangialosi, Bryant Gnade, Ryan Ward, Sam Bailey, Nicole Amato, Anthony Amato, Chris O'Neill, Jake Vander Ende, Todd Walsh and the entire Game Makers Guild of Philadelphia
Playtesters: Stavros Tsiakalos, Paul Richter, Hermes, Patrick Wilhelmi, Martin Koch, Dan "Bacadiar" FitzSimons, Table for Two Show, R. Zachary Gebelein, M. Triemstra, Andrew Pavlis, Daniel P. Stevens, Joshua Burt, Julien Bertrand, James Stewart-Jones, Rae and Chris Yocum, Rob Gaulden, Sontana Intraweat, Sarah Walther, John J. Fitek, Bongo Machongo, Kevin Lee, Jason Hendricks, David Tipton Jr, Psychic Kitty, Zac "Rufus" Fleury, Rick F Kwan, Tseebaka, Chester C., Hamoud A. Alkhaldi, Zak Richardson, Ziliang Wang, Benjamin Guinane, Leon "Tyrael" Jesmanowicz, Casey Bertels, the Mabie Family, Colton Kenney, Brandon Lindquist, Sanjana Ram and Philipp Luijckx, Raymond Taylor, Michelle Fursa, and Zane Hill

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