Maximum Apocalypse Gothic Horrors 2nd Edition

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Maximum Apocalypse: Gothic Horrors is a cooperative rogue-like adventure game set amid the backdrop of different supernatural and horror-themed apocalypses. The Ronin is a new close-range combatant with dual-purpose cards that change based on her combat stance. Meanwhile, the Priest is a persistent believer in humanity who offers protection from unspeakable evils — but roaming monsters are gathering quickly and time is running out.

Play as a stand-alone or expand it with any other Maximum Apocalypse product

-5 different playable survivors to choose from

-6 different apocalypses to survive

-Over a dozen missions to play through

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As the apocalypse marches on, familiar horrors give way to those of a supernatural nature.

The supernatural is real. Unspeakable horrors await those who venture out at night. Vampires drain the life of their victims while cultists summon strange creatures. We're hoping that we can scrounge together enough supplies to survive without our minds snapping, but it is a heavy burden to bear.

Face off against life draining vampires, ghouls, and werewolves in a classic monster set or try to stop a bunch of cultists from summoning Cthulhu or other unspeakable Lovecraftian horrors. Each apocalypse brings with it new gameplay mechanisms such as the Insanity deck of phobias or the new night/day event deck.

This game includes five survivor characters: Priest, Army Ranger, Scientist, Adventurer, and Ronin. Each character comes with their own unique survivor deck of abilities and equipment cards.

Contents & Credits


6 Adventurer Boards, 30 Ability Cards, 1 Familiar Card, 1 Artificer Dial, 17 Unhallowed Cards, 38 Creature Cards, 6 Summon Cards, 32 Location Cards, 1 Merchant Board, 28 Item Cards, 16 Coin tokens, 3 d4 Dice, 3 d6 Dice, 5 d8 Dice, 2 d10 dice, 3 d12 dice, 4 Rest Tokens, 1 Fire Token, 1 Rulebook, 1 Camp Board



Game Design and Development: Mike Gnade
Original Artwork: Gustav Rangmar
Graphic Design: T.L Simons, Gustav Rangmar and Mike Gnade
Tech Editing: Andrea Dell’Agnese & Julia Faeta
Proofreading: Phil Barnett
Lead Playtesters: Marcus Brookshaw, Andy Mai, and Nathaniel Zoso
Playtesters: Stavros Tsiakalos, Paul Richter, Hermes, Patrick Wilhelmi, Martin Koch, Dan “Bacadiar” FitzSimons, Table for Two Show, R. Zachary Gebelein, M. Triemstra, Andrew Pavlis, Daniel P. Stevens, Joshua Burt, Julien Bertrand, James Stewart-Jones, Rae & Chris Yocum, Rob Gaulden, Sontana Intraweat, Sarah Walther, John J. Fitek, Bongo Machongo, Kevin Lee, Jason Hendricks, David Tipton Jr, Psychic Kitty, Zac “Rufus” Fleury, Rick F. Kwan, Tseebaka, Chester C., Hamoud A. Alkhaldi, Zak Richardson, Ziliang Wang, Benjamin Guinane, Leon “Tyrael” Jesmanowicz, Casey Bertels, the Mabie Family, Colton Kenney, Brandon Lindquist, Sanjana Ram and Philipp Luijckx, Raymond Taylor, Michelle Fursa, and Zane Hill

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