Everdell Newleaf

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 The new Train Station is in full operation in Everdell's oldest city, delivering many new mechanics, critters, constructions, and big ideas to the Everald Valley. All aboard!

Join in on the fun in this new expansion for Everdell featuring new ways to play, and new strategies to try.

Everdell Expansions & Accessories

All Aboard!

Attract eager visitors to your city, make your reservations, travel farther with tickets, and build the most prosperous city Everdell has ever seen!

This is an expansion! Newleaf requires the Everdell base game to play.

Contents & Credits

Gameboard, Rulebook, 107 Cards, 2 Basic Event Tiles, 18 Golden Occupied Tokens, 20 Six-Point Tokens, 6 Ticket Tiles, 18 Train Car Tiles, 32 Wooden Meeples (Including 6 Bats, 6 Cats, 6 Bees, 6 Snails, each with matching Frog Ambassador and Rabbit Traveler), 6 Reservation Tokens, and 1 Cloth Bag


Design: James A. Wilson

Development: Dann May, Clarissa Wilson, Dan Yarrington

Illustration: Andrew Bosley

Additional Illustration: Naomi Robinson, Natalie Johnson

Graphic Design: Natalie Johnson, Jared Gannuscio

Rules Editor: Petra Schlunk

Rules Editing and Proofing: Charlotte Jones, Chrissy Peske, Tim Schuetz, Michael Cyr

Production: Tim Schuetz

Producer: Skye Walker

Executive Producer & Publisher: Dan Yarrington

Playtesters: Andrew Albertsen, Rob Bell, Kat Slosarska-Bell , Joshua and Lee Boruch, Joëlle Cathala, Jennifer Dingman, Danielle Dolloff, Gabrielle Dolloff, Tim Dolloff, Jean-François Knebel, Cory Kneeland, Benjamin Leroy-Beaulieu, Carlos Lopez, Katherine Parker, Alex Peske, Amy Peske, Chrissy Peske, Tom Peske, Karl Schwantes, Nassouh Toutoungi, Damien Vocanson, Stéphanie Vocanson-Manzi, Anthony Williams, Erin Williams, Kim Williams


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