Everdell Big Ol Box of Storage

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All the contents of the Click Clacks Upgrade Pack are included with the Big Ol' Box of Storage.

You have Everdell and the expansions scattered all over...we get it.  That's why we are releasing the Everdell Big Ol' Box of Storage.

The Big Ol' Box of Storage safely stores Everdell Collectors Edition, Sprirecrest, Bellfaire, Pearlbrook, Newleaf, Mistwood, the Deluxe Storage Vessels, the Wooden Ever Tree, and the Click Clacks Upgrade Pack.

This does not include any of the games, you supply those yourself.

Contents & Credits

The Big Ol' Box of Storage holds:

Everdell Collectors Edition - Spirecrest - Bellfaire - Newleaf -Mistwood - Deluxe Storage Vessels - The Wooden Ever Tree - The Click Clack Upgrade Pack


Game Design: James A. Wilson

Illustration: Andrew Bosley

Game & Creative Development: James A. Wilson, Dann May, Brenna Noonan

Art Direction & Graphic Design: Dann May
Additional Graphics & Layout:
Cody Jones

Executive Production: Dan Yarrington

Playtesters: Clarissa Wilson, Jacob Parker, Nathan Wilson, Andrew & Jordana Osborne, Justin Schaffer, Michael Mindes, Seth Jaffee, Joel Eddy, Allen Chang, Cody Jones, Chris McMullen, Michael Fox, Andrew Bosley, and special thanks to Michael Cyr from BGG.

Everdell Collection

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