Deadly Dowagers

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-Marry and murder husbands to gain wealth and attract noble suitors

-Strategic and clever card-drafting game

-Gorgeous art and stylish presentation

Deadly Dowagers is a game of marriage, murder, and money; compete with the other lovely ladies in your town by strategically growing your dowry. Be careful not to gain too much infamy, however, or the duke may pass you over for another bride!

"O joyous day, that I may swap mourning veils for wedding bells!”

Deadly Dowagers is a strategic, card-drafting game filled with marriage, money, and murder. You start as a middle-class Victorian woman who would simply kill to be a duchess. However, the other ladies in town have their eyes set on the new duke as well.

With a small dowry and a plot of land you must marry, grow your estate, survive the untimely death(s) of your unfortunate husband(s) and remarry into higher social status to attract the duke's attention before another player accepts the duke’s proposal.

Each round, draft cards to grow your wealth, creatively put an end to your lover's life, and remarry your way up the social ladder. Be warned, as you maneuver your way up the social ladder, rumors will start to spread and your infamy will grow.

Disclaimer - The designer and publisher of this game do not endorse murdering your actual husband. No husbands were harmed in the making of this game.

Contents & Credits


6 Player Boards, 12 Starting Farmland Cards, 89 Main Deck Cards, 24 Husband Cards, 70 Crown Tokens, 6 Promotion Tokens, 6 Infamy Track Tokens, 1 Draft Rotation Token



Game Design: Sarah Shipp
Editing and Proofing: Petra Schlunk, Charlotte Jones, Tim Schuetz, Ian McCormack
Illustration: Mercedes Palacios
Graphic Design: Jared Gannuscio, Cisco Garrido
Additional Graphic Design: Natalie Johnson
Production: Tim Schuetz, Dawson Ellis
Producer: Skye Walker, EJ Granbery
Executive Producer & Publisher: Dan Yarrington


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