Cuba: The Splendid Little War

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Cuba: The Splendid Little War, 1895-1898 is a two-player simulation of the Cuban War of Independence and the Spanish-American War. One player controls the Spanish forces seeking to crush the rebellion and retain control of Cuba. The other controls the Cuban rebels fighting for independence and the U.S. forces that may intervene. Players must make strategic decisions amidst major events like disease, assassinations, and yellow journalism. Can you use your limited resources to secure victory?

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Content and Credits


1 Game Board, 2 Player Aids, 1 Rulebook, 49 Starting Cards, 13 U.S. Intervention Cards, 38 Information Markers, 43 Unit Counters, 4 Dice


Game Design & Historical Research: Javier Garcia de Gabiola

Additional Historical Research: Charlotte Jones

Rules, Editing, and Proofing: William Niebling, Petra Schlunk, Tim Schuetz, Ian McCormack

Illustration & Graphic Design: Enggar Adirasa

Additional Graphic Design: Jared Gannuscio

Production: Dawson Ellis

Producers: Skye Walker, EJ Granbery, Tim Schuetz

Executive Producer & Publisher: Dan Yarrington

Special Thanks to the following people for helping to bring the previous edition to life: Tim Allen, Javier Los Arcos, Bryan Armor, Alan Emrich, Kevin Fortuna, Mark Goss, Nik Knight, Robert Long, Bret Mitchell, Robert Nielsen, Eric Nyquist, Rick Partin, Petra Schlunk, Ian Wakeham, Karen Wolterman


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