Board Game Booster Box

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All Sales Benefit Toys for Tots!


The Board Game Booster Box is a Game-Night-in-a-Box containing board and card games from a variety of publishers. Each box contains 4 random games, and everything is playable right out of the box! Although we don't want to spoil the fun by revealing the titles included in every box, we can tell you there is a wide variety of titles spanning across publishers from all over the world. No box contains multiple copies of the same game, and every box is a unique mix of games. Some titles will appear in multiple boxes, but always in a very small percentage of the total Board Game Booster Boxes created. The value of the contents of any given box varies slightly, but the average value of each box is over $120 For every box we sell to consumers, we donate games to Toys For Tots, a non-profit organization of The Marine Corps.

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