The clever will prevail, in AlderQuest.

Factions of animal combatants pair up and compete for survival in a casual-but-strategic match-3 duel.

Will the pirate otters and ninja foxes of the Thieves Guild steal victory from the monks and clerics of the Guardians Order?

Will the Hunter shrews and badgers prey upon the fair and feathered Bards?

What powerful relics will turn the tide of battle?

The clever will prevail, in AlderQuest.

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AlderQuest is an innovative and modular game about animal guilds competing to become Preservers of the Realm through a series of seasonal contests. The first coincides with winter's arrival - a race to collect acorns. AlderQuest offers an unprecedented blend of familiar mechanics (area control, tile placement, bluffing, match-3) with an uncommon depth of strategy, in a charming head-to-head package.

Contents & Credits


40 Minion Cards, 36 Quarrel Cards, 8 Hero Cards, 3 Relic Cards, 1 Initiative Token, 1 Great Tree, 1 Matching Board, 1 Tournament Field, 3 Bags, 36 Acorn Tiles, 40 Rune Tiles, 12 Snowflake Tiles, 16 Trap Tiles, 1 Rulebook



Game Design: Ryan Ward
Development: Mike Gnade
Artist: Lawrence H Burns
Graphic Design: Aleksandra Kac Kaczmarek
Layout: Mike Gnade
Playtesters: Samuel Bailey, Noah Joseph, Todd Walsh, and Jeff Ward.
Honorary Producers: Atif & Sabeel Azam, Todd Honecutt, Sarah & Bobby Janecka, Nathan Majoros, Roxanne Marinez, Jake Mosby, Miguel Poulsen, Christopher Ramirez, Brandon Shishido, Fabian "Fluffy" Steins, Jeff Tjaden, and Marian Knight Ward


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