The future of humanity depends on you!

In a desperate attempt to perpetuate humanity, when climate change on Earth was irreversible, several manned spaceships were sent out of the Solar System, hoping to find worlds where they could establish a colony and start a new civilization. Each spacecraft was sent with more than 30 cryopreserved colonists on a journey of hundreds of years to different nearby stars, confirmed to have at least one planet that could support life. You are part of this group of brave volunteers who left everything behind in the distant past. Your ship successfully landed and deployed the initial base, but now you are on your own, in a race against time to deploy the basic life support systems needed for long-term survival. You were well trained for this, but this is no longer a simulation. You are on a vital mission and cannot afford to make any mistakes.

Is your fledgling colony doomed to fall apart, or will you turn over a new chapter in human history?

Exoworld Survival

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Exoworld Survival is a cooperative colony-building game, set in the alien landscape of a new planet. Each turn, you use your character actions to expand your colony with new modules, manage unique crises, and achieve self-sufficiency on a variety of unique exoplanets. The cooperative game has endless replayablity with a wide variety of exoplanet scenarios, characters, and modules.
Including the TRAPPIST-1 expansion, there are 12 Scenarios you can play, each with a different exoplanet to colonize, with a specific set of ambient conditions and events.

Also, each player has a unique character with a set of traits and a special skill that can help you increase your chances of survival.

Content and Credits


1 Resource Board
12 Double-Sided Scenario Boards
4 Production Tokens
5 Supply Tokens
4 Shutdown Tokens
12 Leak and 3 Emergency Tokens
4 Reversible Action Tokens
46 Player Cards
50 Event Cards
1 Home Base Card
12 Character Cards
5 Reference Cards
5 Player Pawns
4 Fatique, 4 Landslide, and 4 Frozen Tokens



Design: Juan Pablo Vargas Seguel
Editing and Proofing: Ian McCormack, Tim Schuetz
Illustration: Vlad Racean
Additional Illustration: Enggar Adirasa
Graphic Design: Cold Castle Studios
Additional Graphic Design: Felipe Norambuena, Jared Gannuscio
Production: Dawson Ellis
Producer: Tim Schuetz
Executive Producer & Publisher: Dan Yarrington

Special Thanks from the Designer:
To Guillermo Herrera, for always being willing to discuss design ideas and test the game, since its very beginnings back in 2018. To Carolina González, for always showing interest, helping, and supporting me with my projects. To Felipe Norambuena, who was instrumental to the early development of the game. To the people of Ludoismo, Fractal Juegos, Semilla Lúdica and the Board Game Design Lab, among others, from whom I have received support, great ideas, and good advice. To everyone at Fastaval 2019, who made me feel very welcome in a place far away from home, and also gave me valuable feedback. To the 200+ playtesters, many of whose names I have lost track of. And of course, to all my friends and family, who have been supportive of my passion and dedication to game design.


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