Find it before it finds you.

Immersive Tension - Cutthroat decisions - Gripping player interaction.

Hunt down an unknown entity wreaking havoc on a failing space station in this suspenseful board game of deduction and hidden movement.

Or, perhaps, be that entity.

The goal of each team is to eliminate the other by depleting their health pool. Students share a collective health pool. All students and the Anomaly execute their movement behind a player screen, so it's rare to know exactly where another player is. Students will try to signal their location to the other students using location hint cards, and the Anomaly, in turn, will use these cards to triangulate the students' positions.

The Anomaly needs to feed to stay alive, either on the fuel or the students themselves. The students will be working to destroy the Anomaly's fuel sources and damage it with improvised weapons like traps and stun batons. The students have cards with abilities on them that let them attack or take other actions. However, when they use one of these actions, they must give the card to the Anomaly. The cards have inverse abilities for the Anomaly that will provide it with new powers, like Possess or Teleport. If the Anomaly gets enough cards, it will also be able to evolve and develop even more powerful abilities. The game ends when the health pool for either the Anomaly or the students is depleted.

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Anomaly is a suspense-filled game of hidden movement, deduction, and combat for 2-4 players. Players in this game are divided into 2 teams. One player is the Anomaly, a mysterious being that has killed everyone on the space station except a few stranded Students. The other players are the Students, trying to kill the Anomaly before it finds them. Meanwhile, radiation is leaking into the station, forcing the Anomaly and Students into smaller and smaller zones. Who will survive the encounter?

Contents & Credits

1 Game Board, 4 Player Mini-boards, 4 Player Screens, 8 Player Standees, 24 Reminder Pieces, 36 Action Cards, 27 Tracking Cards, 12 Radiation Tokens, 1 Health Tracker, 6 Fuel Source Tokens, 3 Sensor Tokens, 6 Trap Tokens, 8 Electricity Tokens, 3 Action Point Tokens, 6 Evolution Tokens


Game Design: Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance

Game Development: Dann May, Brenna Noonan, Cody Jones

Art: Steve Hamilton, Dann May, Greg May

Art Direction: Dann May

Graphic Design: Cody Jones, Barry Pike, Dann May

Executive Producer: Dan Yarrington


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