Everdell Complete Collection

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Dive tail-first into the world of Everdell with the Complete Collection. Build a city of critters and constructions and explore the Emerald Valley and beyond; celebrate the Bellfaire, wonder at Newleaf’s mechanical marvels, trek into the Spirecrest Mountains, explore the underwater depths of Pearlbrook, and chance the dangers of Mistwood. Play against automated opponents including the dastardly Rugwort and cunning Nightweave, meet heroes of renown in our Legends II and Corrin Evertail expansion packs, and find abundance in new farms in our Through Every Season expansion pack. Everdell is easy to learn, yet offers satisfying strategic depth and endless replayability.

Contains all the Everdell expansions and Collectors Edition content.  Specialized trays and dividers for easy storage of boards, resources, and cards.  Beautifully illustrated consolidated rulebook and card reference: The Gilded Book and The Archive.

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Deluxe Resource Vessels are sold separately.

Everdell Expansions & Accessories

Contents & Credits

Includes contents from Everdell Collector's Edition, Pearlbrook Collector's Edition, Spirecrest Collector's Edition, Bellfaire, Newleaf, Mistwood,

Plus Wooden Ever Tree, Comprehensive Rulebooks, Comprehensive Storage System, 5 Alternate Art Corrin Evertail cards, 5 Art Signature Tapestry cards, Wooden Golden Occupied Tokens, and Metal 6-Point Tokens.


Illustration: Andrew Bosley, Naomi Robinson

Additional Illustration: Natalie Johnson

Graphic Design: Natalie Johnson, Jared Gannuscio, Mühlenkind Kreativagentur

Editing and Proofing: Petra Schlunk, Tim Schuetz

Production: Tim Schuetz

Producer: Skye Walker

Executive Producer & Publisher: Dan Yarrington

Special Thanks to Chrissy Peske.


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