Alien Frontiers Data Core Expansion Pack

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The Data Core Expansion pack includes 8 new Alien Tech cards to be used with the Alien Frontiers base game.

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“The theme is cohesive and charming. The artwork is all very high quality, with the 5th edition having great bits and production quality. The rulebook is laid out well and is very comprehensive, it's easy to find information regarding a specific rule during a game.”

- The Boardgame Detective -

“Alien Frontiers has a lot to recommend it and is easily one of the best euro-style games that I’ve played. It has an uncanny, chameleon-like ability to be all things to all gamers... It’s both jaw-droppingly elegant and yet thematic, immersive and able to weave a satisfying narrative. And it manages to be all these things whilst staying simple and within the play time of 60-90 minutes advertised on the side of the box.”

- Matt Thrower, There Will Be Games -

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