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The Princess Bride Battle Of Wits 3rd Edition

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A Battle of Wits (a Princess Bride game) is an exciting game of bluff and double bluff for between two and ten players. A row of goblets sits in the middle of the table, ready to be filled with either wine or poison. Players each take the role of one character but it is only at the very end of a game that they will drink, one from each goblet.

Contents & Credits

96 Wine/Poison Cards, 10 Goblet Cards, 12 Character Cards, 1 Times Card


Game Design: Matthew O’Malley

Art Direction & Graphic Design: Dann May

Art: Felicia Cano

Executive Producer: Dan Yarrington

© Princess Bride Ltd. All Rights Reserved. A Battle of Wits is an officially licensed product of beloved classic The Princess Bride

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