Shadowrift 2nd Edition

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In the town of New Haven, an evil presence lurks, ready to unleash its power when the moment is right. For now, though, there is still a chance that this aberration that the locals have dubbed the Shadowrift can be closed, sealing the monsters that lurk within behind a dimensional wall forever. Do you and your fellow heroes have what it takes to defeat the powers within and destroy this link between worlds?

Heroes rise!

Haven Town is under siege and facing total annihilation at the hands (and teeth) of a horde of monsters from beyond the Shadowrift.

You must band together to drive them back. To do this, you will need powerful spells, skills, attacks, and loot that take you from a basic hero to a legendary defender. But even heroes can't always stand alone. You will also call upon the good townsfolk, or mysterious newcomers, to aid you in your quest.


"Shadowrift is a great game for people that want to have a little more complexity in their cooperative deckbuilder. I really enjoy how the monsters work and how each faction is very different from one another. I also appreciate that although there is no way to destroy cards in your deck, this is mitigated by the Heroism you earn during the game. I cannot describe to you how cool I think the villager cards are, as it adds a different facet to the game. 8.25/10."

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Contents & Credits


431 Game Cards, 1 Game board, 8 Coin tokens, 15 1-point tokens, 6 5-point tokens, 1 Next Heroism token and stand, 17 card dividers, 4 Monster Space markers



Game Design: Jeremy Anderson

Art Direction: Dann May and Jeremy Anderson

Graphic Design: Dann May with R Jay McCarty

Art: Enggar Adirasa, Sabine van Apeldoorn, Kristen Brown, Collin Epstien, Ross Grams, Tomasz Jedruszek, Nicholas Kay, Tom Kelly, Phil X. Liu, Jose Munoz, Othon Nikolaidis, Elin Pettersson, Levente Ruckert, and Thomas Williams.

Executive Producer: Dan Yarrington

"I’ve played with all of the different monsters again, and I love the way that they feel so different from each other because of the way that their powers work. The strategy that worked with one of them may not work with another. But, most importantly: it’s fun. When you play, you can feel a story playing out, though you don’t know whether it’ll have a happy ending until you finish. Or a gruesome ending... Win or lose, I always have a good time playing Shadowrift."


"Shadowrift is one of the better deck building games that we’ve played... You’ll want to buy Shadowrift 2nd Edition if you like fantasy games, co-op deck builders, and/or want to try out a cooperative game that introduces a couple unique mechanisms. In our collective opinion, Shadowrift is a keeper!"

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