PolyHero Wizard collection dice set. D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4

PolyHero Wizard

The mysterious and powerful mage, a hero with an unearthly power to channel, capture, or unleash the arcane forces of magic.

The Wizard Set is a classic RPG 8-piece kit including 2d20 orbs, d12 wand, d10/d100 potions, d8 scroll, d6 fireball, d4 bolt. Also available separately, the fancy d20 Wizard Hat.

The Wizard Collection

PolyHero Wizard 8 Dice Set

Color: Acid Splash
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Only the bravest minds ponder the mysteries of the arcane. Cast forth a synthesis of custom dice for your favorite RPGs that will hold a respected place in your collection. Each PolyHero Wizard 8 Dice Set comes with 8 dice: D4 Bolt, D6 Fireball, D8 Scroll, 2 D10 Potions, D12 Wand, and 2 D20 Orbs

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