PolyHero Cleric

Channel the divine with dice for Clerics of all types. And bless your whole party with new sets for Warriors, Rogues, and Wizards!

The Cleric Set and remastered Warrior Set were developed over many months, during which we conceived and iterated on numerous concepts and samples. The final designs were settled on with the theme of the dice in mind, but importantly also with considerations of functionality and manufacture. After some frustration during the long production process of our previous sets, we invested the time and money in advance of this campaign to make the actual molds and some physical samples before the campaign. Now we can share pictures of the samples with you, and you can help us bring these designs to life through this campaign. This should shorten the production process so we can be more likely to achieve our estimated delivery date. We are so excited to share these dice with you!

The Cleric Collection

PolyHero Cleric 5d4 Hallowed Hand Grenades Merciful Gold

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Behold! The Hallowed Hand Grenade level-up pack. This pack contains five 8-sided dice for use with tabletop roleplaying games.

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