PolyHero Bard

With a tale and a song, a hero strolls forth from the tavern. Introducing new PolyHero Bard Dice! The Bard Set is a classic RPG 8-piece kit including 2d20 drums, d12 wine, 2d10 torches, d8 shawm, d6 lute, and d4 mask.

The Bard Collection

PolyHero Bard 8 Dice Set

Color: Amber Ale
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Give your party the bardic inspiration they need to embolden them along their adventure! Introducing new PolyHero Bard Dice! Each PolyHero Bard set comes with 8 dice: 2d20 Drums, d12 Wine, 2d10 Torches, d8 Shawm, d6 Lute, and d4 Mask. 

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