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High Treason! The Trial of Louis Riel is a card-driven 2-player game. One player takes the role of the prosecution and the other player takes the role of defense. Both are trying to influence the tragic fate of the defendant over the whole trial. They select the jury, question witnesses sway their thinking, and make closing arguments that decide the fate of not only one man but also of Canada.

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Content and Credits


1 Game Board, 9 Phase Summary Cards, 45 Trial Cards, 6 Variant Trial Cards, 2 Plea Markers, 18 Occupation Trait Markers, 18 Language Trait Markers, 18 Religion Trait Markers, 34 Double-Sided Sway Markers, 12 Juror Cards, 9 Game Board Track Markers, 1 Rulebook


Designer: Alex Berry

Development: Alan Emrich

Illustration: Mercedes Palacios

Graphics: Tim Allen, Jared Gannuscio

Additional Graphics: Christian Szymanski

Rules: Noelle Le Bienvenu

Production: Dawson Ellis

Editors: Avalon Emrich, Matthew E. Deuber, Russ Williams, Tim Schuetz
Karen Wolterman, Petra Schlunk, Noelle Le Bienvenu, Ian McCormack

English Translation: Ralph H. Anderson

Executive Producer & Publisher: Dan Yarrington

Play Testers: Mark Butt, Tom and Hayden Decker, Paul Farrell, Phil Fleischmann, Sam Furth, Amanda Hodge, Steve Johnston, Alexis Jones, Nathan Hansen, Jeremy Lennert, John Mason, Noah Massaro, Lance McMillan, Chris Meichtry, Robert and Barbara Nielsen, Barry Pike III, Brian Powers, Joanne Powers, John Prewitt, Dorian Richard, Daniel Robison, Phil Sauer, Petra Schlunk, Torin Schlunk, Matt Shirley, Alan Snider, Jeanne Ziegler


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