Everdell Farshore Essentials Edition

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Farshore will send you on an epic seafaring adventure to explore and build in the rugged country north of Everdell Valley. Study the winds to sail your ship in search of valuable riches, compete for lucrative island locations before high tide rises, and be the first to claim valuable maps that will lead you to troves of treasures.

-An all new stand alone game built upon the award-winning gameplay of Everdell with many new mechanics to explore! Learn about the stalwart seafaring country north of Everdell Valley. 

-A new land of lively critters, featuring the glowing artwork of artist Jacqui Davis!

-Four new critter types to expand your collection!

Farshore Essentials is similar to Farshore, but has punchboard resource components instead of the resin ones, giving it a much more affordable price point. 

This Product is a timed exclusive with Target in the US and is available through our international partners around the world.  International Partners Page


All sales help us contribute more games to Toys For Tots, a not-for-profit public charity run by the US Marine Corps Reserve.

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