Eleminis 3rd Edition

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Control the Elements

Your goal in Eleminis is to collect one of each of these five eleminis in your row on the table. Players each have five slots available to them, and each slot can hold one card. On a turn, you draw a card from the deck then either play it in a row (if it's a character card) or use it (if it's an action). Each element outranks two other elements, similar to rock/paper/scissors/Spock/lizard. You can play an element card you draw in any empty space or replace a weaker element with the new one; you can play in your row or an opponent's. A star element is wild and can represent any element you need; a trash card can replace any element and can be displaced only by a star or an action card. The actions let you discard cards in play, move cards, swap them, and recycle (discard a card and draw a new card). Play continues until someone collects one element of each type in his row. A scoring system is included for those who want to play multiple games.

Contents & Credits

81 Cards, 1 Rulebook


Game Design: Michael, Matthew, & Jasua Laird

Art: Dann May


"To put it simply; I love Eleminis...It is easy to play, simple to teach, and so very magical, especially for kids. This card game has made itself so incredibly accessible that every age I played with had an extremely positive response. Often they wanted to play again and again."

- Johnathan Elder, Meeple Mountain -


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