Eleminis 3rd Edition

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Control the Elements

Eleminis are cute mini elements! Air, Water, Rock Fire, and Plant. Collect all 5 to win! Add Eleminis to your collection, or use them to beat your friends’ Eleminis! Each Elemini is stronger than two others. Fire burns Air and Plant. Action cards let you mix and move your own and your friends’ Eleminis.

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Contents & Credits

81 Cards, 1 Rulebook


Game Design: Michael, Matthew, & Jasua Laird

Art: Dann May


"To put it simply; I love Eleminis...It is easy to play, simple to teach, and so very magical, especially for kids. This card game has made itself so incredibly accessible that every age I played with had an extremely positive response. Often they wanted to play again and again."

- Johnathan Elder, Meeple Mountain -


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