Drop Drive Deeper Space Edition

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Drop Drive Deeper Space Edition is a lightweight sandbox game for 2-5 players featuring a “drop-style” mechanic that assures no two games could possibly be the same. Drop Drive blends strategy with a novel spatial element that will challenge casual and hardcore gamers alike!

THE BIG BANG! At the start of each game, objects of all kinds are dropped onto the table from a height of 4 to 5 inches. This creates a galaxy layout with infinite possibilities. You will then assume the role of an alien starship captain, exploring space, upgrading your ship, mining asteroids for precious resources, and landing on mysterious worlds to sell your cargo, pick up passengers, and collect strange alien specimens!

-Navigate infinite space... right on your tabletop!

-A unique “drop-style” adventure game from the creators of
Dungeon Drop

-Ship customization, exploration, set collection, pick up and
deliver, pirate battles, and more

-Highly accessible yet deep and immersive “sandbox” game
experience, inside 45 minutes!


Contents & Credits


132 Cards, 77 Credit Tokens, 29 General Game Tokens, 1 3D Dyson Sphere model, 7 Captain/Crew Tiles, 5 Player Ships, 5 Pirate Ships, 8 Dice, 1 Sun, 35 Nav Tool Links, 3 Folding Space Walls, 22 Market Demand Tokens, 6 Planet Tiles, 6 Planets, 51 Asteroids, 7 Salvage Pieces, 9 Fuel Canisters, 3 Anomaly Tokens, 10 Space Mine Tokens, 4 Full-Size Tiles, 1 Ancient Temple Tile, 24 Plastic Envelopes, 1 Chevron Token, 4 Elemental Stone Tokens, 25 Furball Tokens, 5 Contribution Tokens, 9 Pirate Activation Tokens, 1 Rulebook, 4 Asteroid Belt Tokens, 1 Rules Sheet



Game Design: Scott R. Smith
Art: Gong Studios
Art Direction: Darrin Horbal, Jason Miceli
Graphic Design: Darrin Horbal
Game Development: Jason Miceli
3D Engineering: Jake Singer, Erick Tosco, Team 195 CyberKnights
Playtesting Leads: Tim Mierzejewski, Dale Rowe-Smith
Editor: Michael Schemaille
Distribution: Tabletop Tycoon
Production: Phase Shift Games


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