Boblin's Rebellion

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Boblin's Rebellion is a 1-4 player engine builder with just one, notably volatile resource to manage: Goblins! Start by recruiting simple Stickler and Screamer goblins at camp, and then seek out opportunities to train them into mighty Stabbers, Stalkers, Slingers, and Sparklers. 

It's time to train your goblins and take back the dungeon!

Boblin is back with a cunning plan! He’s been rallying hordes of his goblin friends to rise up against the goblin king and his troll guardians. Help Boblin train an army of Stalkers, Stabbers, Slingers, Sparklers, and Screamers, in an attempt to overthrow the evil dungeon overlords once and for all…

Contents & Credits


95 Game Cards, 70 Goblin Cubes, 20 Troll Cubes, 4 Player Boards, 1 Rulebook



Game Design: Alexandros Kapidakis
Artwork: Gong Studios
Art Design & Game Development: Jason Miceli
Graphic Design: Darrin Horbal
Production: Phase Shift Games

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