Adventurer - Publishing Assitant

*In Person Only*

Here at Tabletop Tycoon, we always welcome exceptional individuals who want to join us in our ongoing quest to have a lasting, sustainable, positive impact on the tabletop games industry for generations.

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We are looking for people who:

  • Thrive by engaging in challenging and satisfying work with tangible, real-world results each day. We love working face-to-face around the table with our team to make amazing games and products.
  • Reliable people who show up on time, meet their deadlines, stay current, demonstrate excellent organizational skills, and do more with less.
  • Motivated people who are eager to work in a rapid-paced work environment with lots of variety. I'm looking for folks who learn quickly, absorb and retain information well, and who are energized by the new opportunities of each project.
  • Lean into communicating and seek to understand fellow team members. I am looking for those who know when to ask for help, when to offer help, when to accept help, and how to show sincere gratitude.
  • Celebrate the joy of day-to-day life and create fun every day.
About Working at Tabletop Tycoon

If you are such a person and you’re excited to work face-to-face around the many tables here at our awesome headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire, we may have a role for you!

Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Capture action items and notes during meetings.
  • Track and communicate project status in written updates and meetings.
  • Participate in playtesting with the team as requested.
  • Assist in Customer Service duties, including email responses and replacement requests.
  • Assist in Convention preparation including set up, packing, and planning.
  • Assist in filing and organizing physical and digital files
  • Assist in Warehouse Team needs.
  • Create prototypes and assist with other product creation tasks.
  • Assist in set up and running retail location and event space
  • Assist in scheduling and communicating with customers for use of event space.
  • Assist in Facility Maintenance including updates, repairs, and receiving.
  • Other duties as assigned.

An ideal candidate will have most of the following attributes:

  • A dauntless work ethic and the ability to exercise excellent professional judgment on a variety of projects and content
  • Adaptable and able to internalize and take action on a vast amount of information
  • Positive team player energized by face-to-face communication and the camaraderie of working with our team to achieve tangible results
  • Extremely helpful, resourceful, and self-motivated with a strong drive to learn and better themselves
  • Highly organized, detail oriented, and eminently responsible
  • Technologically savvy and especially comfortable with spreadsheets and G Suite
  • Excellent communication and follow up skills, especially in person and via phone and email
  • Sincere alignment with our company values

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