Dan Yarrington - Founder - Time Lord

Dan began playing board and card games with his family and friends at a very early age. He is an enthusiastic husband, father, brother, son, and avid and perpetual game evangelist in all these roles. Dan enjoys questing with his adventuring party to craft, sell, and celebrate games and continue the impressive growth of the tabletop games industry, one game at a time.

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Dan's Favorite Game

Mike - Minister Of Magic

Long ago in a land not so far away, Mike worked for the Time Lord at one of the original retail locations. Mike rejoined the team in July 2022, managing operations for this group of intrepid adventurers!  In between working for the Time Lord, a career in public education kept Mike busy and sharpened the skills he now brings back to Team Tabletop Tycoon.  

Mike has always loved to play all types of games, and enjoys the memories we make around the table.  Mike graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies and The University of New Hampshire with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration

Mike's Favorite Game

Sean - Rocketeer

Curator and guardian of the Tabletop Tycoon warehouse, this high-flying hero coordinates a group of adventures to ensure our games get to your table.
A steadfast family man, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son. Whether they are hiking along the trails of New England or gathering around with a bowl of popcorn to watch movie classics.

While he might not be the best Super Smash Bros fighter, his kindness and enthusiasm make him one of the best people to play games with. It should be noted, it is unverified if he has never fought a bear.

Sean's Favorite Game

Tim - Wizard

Tim is a wise sage who spent many years formally mastering the music of the spheres and the hidden mathematics of the known universe. 

He joined the Tabletop Tycoon Adventuring Party in 2010 and brings to bear his particular set of skills to each challenge, continually crafting and implementing optimal solutions. He is deliberate and considered, always thinking through the long-term implications of decisions. 

Tim's hobbies include tabletop RPGs, WarmaHordes, board games, video games, spending time with his family, and optimizing rules for new games to the breaking point.

Tim's Favorite Game

Joe - Dungeon Master

From faraway lands, a wanderer appeared with a sharp tongue and thirst for adventure. In this new land of mountains and frozen rivers, he stumbled across a band of adventurers seeking glory and games.
That band of adventurers was Tabletop Tycoon, and that hero was Joseph Lattner. Joe spent many years working in the taverns and inns of the midwest, as well as supplying such with a wide variety of Wines and Spirits.
A dedicated husband and father, Joe is also an avid fisherman. Having been an enthusiastic gamer all his life, Joe now uses his impressive skills and abilities to bring new and exciting games to players around the world.

Joe's Favorite Game

Christina - Life Cleric

Christina joined our adventuring party from another land and can be found navigating the wide variety of administrative tasks to keep our team running smoothly.
She is an avid "nerd crafter" who loves to bake, paint, glue, and sew creations from her favorite fandoms. Her friends love to reach out to her for help with their Pinterest dreams, as her reply is always, "yeah, I can make that".
Christina also loves all things games. You can find her playing and watching tabletop games, video games, phone games, word games, yard games, and outdoor games (sports). She is fiercely competitive in the nicest way possible. She just wants to play and for everyone to have fun (winning wouldn't be bad either).

Christina's Favorite Game

Chris - Pirate

A seasoned buccaneer who is highly skilled in handling the logistics of the high seas, Captain Chris ensures that all the Tycoon’s bounty safely and promptly reaches far away lands.

Chris has been working as a part of our team since 2016 including working in order fulfillment and as part of our convention staff. He enjoys gaming, swords & sorcery novels, reading and making zines, and amateur mycology.

Chris's Favorite Game

Bec - Warlock

Born a New Hampshire native, despite claims of emerging from a cemetery, Bec joined the Tabletop Tycoon Adventuring Party after wandering from a glorified carnival in Florida led by a giant mouse. She is a woman of many hats, with her strongest being customer service. 

Being a nerd started early in her life and has grown into her being a hobbyist cosplayer and cinephile. Bec is always adorned with some item of horror merchandise and celebrates Halloween all year round. 

Bec loves gaming with her friends, whether it’s board games, video games, or party games. She loves throwing themed parties and pouring herself into everything she does with ambition and determination. When not gaming with friends she can be found in her dungeon with her cat familiar, Spatula.

Bec's Favorite Game

Dawson - Monk

A lifelong resident of New Hampshire, Dawson values the communities he engages with and enjoys learning about the world from new perspectives. Having been a performing artist for most of his life, Dawson loves local live performances and consuming all forms of entertainment media. He studied under local monks to better appreciate arts on an academic level and learn the ways of nonverbal communication. 

For Dawson, playing games is a fundamental part of life. He enjoys playing both tabletop and video games and appreciates game design, aesthetics, and how communities form around different games. Dawson is a tactical player but enjoys being challenged by clever strategies, careful deception, and straightforward unbiased luck.

Dawson's Favorite Game

Becca - Assassin

Becca is one of our classic overachievers. When she isn’t cooking for the office or friends, being an amazing dog mom, or teaching dance classes, she is using her “spare time” to complete her MBA. She is always quick to show her enthusiasm for the small things in life... and musical theatre.

When she is not assisting our fearless leader, she is often found playing board games and video games with her coworkers, and killing people with kindness.

Becca's Favorite Game

Chris L. - Tinkerer

Emerging from the mists of the unknown realms with a bottomless satchel of gadgets and tools, Chris and his trusty mechanical dragon Fixit joined our party as a Tinkerer and resident wizard of pinball. A modern-day Renaissance soul with an insatiable curiosity, Chris uses his imagination, toolbox, and tinkering spirit to tackle every mystery and problem set before him. He thrives on challenges, and relishes the process of turning ideas into tangible wonders. As our head technician, he keeps the many machines of Glimmerhold whirring and glowing with the promise of excitement and revelry.

In his spare time Chris enjoys a multitude of activities: stargazing, fixing pinball machines and arcade games, repairing jukeboxes, enjoying music, reading, writing, playing games, home improvement projects, coaching sports... the list goes on. Chris is always on the move, seeking to learn something new and add skills to his collection. Don't be surprised if you find him: toolbox in hand, with a roguish grin, and Fixit zipping around his head as he looks for the next thing to take apart and tinker with on his journey.

Chris L's Favorite Game

Kenny - Tech Expert

Kenny wields tech-skills and multimedia knowledge so vast and powerful that there MUST be some kind of microchip in his brain. Using his talents for the betterment of mankind (and his coworkers), he makes their lives easier one line of code at a time.

Kenny can usually be found expanding his movie and television knowledge, playing a game, or at least doing something game related (those minis don't paint themselves you know). He loves treating his parties of adventurers to amazing tabletop RPG sessions, and their stomachs to his plethora of culinary creations. If you ever want to play a game all you have to do is ask! He's probably got one on him anyway...just in case.

Kenny's Favorite Game

Devon - Hero

Devon is both stunning in his ability to charge through tasks with miraculous speed as he is in his ability to make you laugh. When he's not working, he's honing his skills in Super Smash Bros Melee, being a great dad to his cat, or creating delightfully zany characters for the many role playing games he's in.

How is he able to fly through calculations in his head, sort the warehouse with ease, and crush through orders like they were nothing? It's simple, his power level is over 9000!

Devon's Favorite Game

Jenn - Activist

After spending years in front of the camera telling the world news of the day, Jenn decided to get “behind the camera” to join us and continue storytelling and helping others. 

When she isn't traveling the world to remote villages in Colombia and Rwanda as a volunteer, or a mom to her daughters and doggo, she is here helping us make the world better one game at a time. 

When she isn't assisting all of her teammates with different projects, she helps keep us all afloat with all things administrative.

Jenn's Favorite Game

Alex - Detective

Alex is as dependable as they come, known as a pillar of stability in the warehouse. She's ensuring the packing of our games so they arrive safely to their forever homes. Alex seamlessly joined our team and continues to be the embodiment of great teamwork.

When Alex isn't blowing everyone away with her stacking and packing skills, you'll often find her spending time with her family, enjoying local campgrounds, relaxing with a puzzle or even solving a mystery. If you ever challenge her in a Tetris match, be prepared to lose.

Alex's Favorite Game

Tristan - Space Biologist

Tristan joined the Tycoon's crew after a lifetime of hopping space ports. Part scientist, part artist, melding function and aesthetic is his specialty. Better than any AI artist! He knows just how to take the crew's harebrained ideas and create something beautiful. Tristan is a Renaissance man at heart. He spends his free time making art, growing green things, cooking delicious foods, teaching himself new hobbies, and defending the galaxy with his faithful sidekick, the tenured Professor Burlap Bork of the Borkings Institute for Borkology and Pizza.  

Tristan's Favorite Game

Craig - Mage

Born and raised in the forests of NH, Craig strived for adventure and found himself on a life-long quest for knowledge. This led him to the valleys of Connecticut where he perfected his control over numbers. Now, Craig is our accounting wizard extraordinaire! Always equipped with a magical resolution to our bookkeeping needs, Craig is an excellent problem-finder and problem-solver, a rare combination using the most ancient of magics.

When AFK, you'll find Craig LARPing, playing board games and enjoying science fiction media in all forms. But most of all, Craig's favorite thing is being a dad, and telling dad jokes, of course.

Craig's Favorite Game

Tom - Engineer

Tom has always been fascinated with how things tick. He has devoted his life to breaking things apart to understand how to make them more efficient and pleasing for others. He enjoys studying mechanical engineering, graphic design, critical thinking, and kinesthesia. It has often been noted that if a solution is needed that is equitable and balanced, Tom will be the machine for the job.

When not breaking things, Tom enjoys blacksmithing, painting miniatures, building scale models or playing Magic the Gathering. He also spends countless hours running computer simulations of both realistic and fantasy scenarios, creating beautiful inclusive worlds that feel like home. Tom is also the proud cat dad to Ferris and Dexter.

Tom's Favorite Game