Adventurer Wanted


In Person Only - Related Degree Required

We are looking for people:

  • That THRIVE by engaging in challenging and satisfying work with tangible, real-world results each day.
  • Who LOVE working face-to-face.
  • That are RELIABLE, who show up on time, meet their deadlines, stay current.
  • Who like to stay ORGANIZED.
  • Who are MOTIVATED to work in a rapid-paced work environment with lots of variety.
  • Folks who learn quickly, absorb and retain information well, and who are ENERGIZED by the new opportunities of each project.
  • Have strong COMMUNICATION skills .
  • Know when to ask for help, when to offer help, when to accept help, and how to show sincere GRATITUDE.
  • Who create FUN every day.
Core Values

Some Duties May Include:

  • Exemplify our Core Values
  • Demonstrate exceptional soft skills
  • Keeping all accounts current
  • Calculating and reporting sales taxes and royalties
  • Creating purchase orders, bills, vendor credits, and reconciling vendor accounts
  • Creating estimates, invoices, credit memos, and reconciling customers accounts
  • Prepare and send year end tax documents to vendors
  • Performing general accrual accounting tasks and monitoring company budgets and cash flow along with generating regular reports

An ideal candidate will have most of the following attributes:

  • Experience in Bookkeeping, Accrual Accounting, and QuickBooks Online
  • A dauntless work ethic and the ability to exercise excellent professional judgment on a variety of projects and content
  • Adaptable and able to internalize and take action on a vast amount of information
  • Extremely helpful, resourceful, and self-motivated with a strong drive to learn and better themselves
  • Highly organized, detail oriented
  • Technologically savvy and especially comfortable with spreadsheets and G Suite
  • Excellent communication and follow up skills, especially in person, phone, and email
  • Sincere alignment with our company values

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