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Panorama is easy to learn with elegant rules! Choose a card from your hand, add it to one of your panoramas, then pass the rest to your neighbor to build an awe-inspiring horizon. Cards score based on other cards in your panoramas!

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How to Play


Contents & Credits

1 First Player Token, 10 Award Tiles, 58 Dawn Cards, 58 Dusk Cards, 1 English Rule Book


Game Design: Alex Wynnter

Additional Design: Dann May

Development: Dann May, Daniel Yarrington, Tim Schuetz

Illustration: Dann May

Art Direction &Graphic Design: Alex Wynnter and Dann May

Special Thanks: Tristan Bell, Stuart Black, Scott Collumbine, Brianna Coulson, Michael Coulston, Tom Cox, Ben Harnwell, Jamie Holmes, Paul Nicholas, Brenda Sacco, Josh Sommerfield

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