Kings Forge Masterworks Expansion

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The legends were true--the griffins have returned. The whole world has opened up now that visitors arrived on griffin-back to see the King, bringing new ideas, skills, and materials, unlike anything we've ever seen! The King demands even more: you measure up to the very best in the world?


King’s Forge Masterworks

Do your best to acquire samples of the new materials by hosting visitors or impressing the ambassadors who now reside at the palace. If you can make the kingdom proud by producing true masterworks, you will be sent abroad to represent the kingdom and see the world. Adventure is calling!

King's Forge: Masterworks introduces four new types of dice, each with their own unique abilities:

Borealis- can mimic the die type of any dice rolled with it

Aether Ore- can be used as a metal or magic die

Heartwood- grows like a plant each round and can be harvested as wood or gem die

Grimstones- are chaotic dice with variable bonuses depending on how you roll!

Players gain access to these dice by crafting on four new tiles representing the source of the exotic dice from the North (Crystal Tundra), South (One Tree), East (Hidden City), and West (Great Cauldron). Additionally, players get thematic items and monuments to craft from each realm and 16 new gather cards representing noteworthy visitors from around the world.

Contents & Credits


6 Borealis dice, 6 Aether Ore dice, 6 Heartwood dice, 6 Grimstone dice, 2 Archive dice, 32 Craft cards, 16 Visitor cards plus
1 alternate Sultan card, 1 Royal Decree card, 1 Victory card, 5 Aether Ore cards, 5 Borealis cards, 5 Heartwood cards, 15 Grimstone cards, Crystal Tundra Ambassador Tile, Great Cauldron Ambassador Tile, Hidden City Ambassador Tile, One Tree Ambassador Tile, 4 Variant Monuments/Request cards, 1 Narwhal first player token



Game Design: Nick Sibicky

Game Design (Gold & Masterworks Expansions): Chris Schreiber

Illustration: Jonathan Kirtz

Art Direction: Dann May

Graphic Design: Jonathan Kirtz, Dann May, Cody Jones

Executive Producer: Dan Yarrington


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