The Few and Cursed

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The Few and Cursed: The Board Game is a competitive or cooperative action-adventure game designed by Mike Gnade, where 1 to 6 Curse Chasers must explore the desert of the Pacific Ocean and fight their way through gangs, capture the biggest bounties, defeat monsters, complete jobs, and discover supernatural artifacts on their path to fame or infamy.

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Based on The Few and Cursed comic book series by Felipe Cagno and Fabiano Neves, the board game expands on the lore of the comics and brings its characters and creatures to life with amazing miniatures!

In the game, players take on the role of a curse-chasing bounty hunters looking to make a name for themselves. Players traverse the desert of the Pacific Ocean as they improvise and acquire new cards for their deck on their quest for the biggest bounties.

Contents & Credits


90 Upgrade Cards, 42 Character cards, 8 Miniatures, 4 Dual-Layer Character Boards, 28 Encounter Cards, 16 Cursed Encounters, 24 Cubes, 12 Artifacts, 25 Store Cards, 40 Job Cards, 60 Water Tokens, 1 Game Board, Rulebook



Game Design: Mike Gnade
Creative Director: Felipe Cagno
Artists: Adriano Di Benedetto, Andre Toma, Arthur Medeiros, Braulio Gregorio, Caio Cacau, Clonerh, Denilson Santtos, Dijjo Lima, Fabio Laguna, Geraldo Borges, Gilberto Marimiamo Jr., Gio Guimaraes, Guilherme Balbi, Harvey Tolibao, Jean Diaz, Jonas Rindade, Jose Luis, Lucas Ribeiro, Luke Ross, Marcio Abreu, Marcio Menyz, Marco Lesko, Mario cau, Netho Diaz, Priscilla Petraites, Rafael Vasconcelos, Rainer Peter, Rodrigo M. dos Santos, Rui Silveira, Sam Hart, Teo Gonzales, Tiago Barsa, Vinicius Townsend, Will Conrad, Ze Carlos, & Zork Marinero
Graphic Design: Deyvison Manes and Juliana Caro
Miniature Design: Firescale Studio (Patrick Fahy and Amy Harbin)
Layout: Mike Gnade
Playtesters: Samuel Biley, George Bracy, Krista Bracy, Matt Cangialosi, Tom Callahan, Chandler Copenhaver, Gregory Gnade, Chris O'Neill, Heather O'Neill, Jacob Vander Ende, Jay Vowles, Todd Walsh, and Ryan Ward


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