Dawn of the Zeds Expansion Pack 1 Stepping Forward

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Stepping Forward, the first Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition Expansion Pack, features 4 new characters (3 heroes and 1 heroic civilians), who are joining the fight and ready to confront the Zeds with their new skills and abilities.

EXPANSION CONTENT. Requires Dawn of the Zeds base game.


The first Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition Expansion Pack: Stepping Forward features 4 new characters who are stepping forward, ready to confront the Zeds. "Big Wheels" Carter brings truckloads of supplies and ammo to town, plowing over any Zeds that get in his way. May Hauser supports heroes by conserving ammo and lending her marksmanship and aid to the cause. General Lee, the Hauser's well-trained thoroughbred, races across Farmingdale and assists heroes in need while charging through dangers. The Check Mates are a new Heoric Civilians lonely-hearts game club, whose strength increases with Refugees in the camp!



4 new Hero cards, 1 countersheet, 1 Farmingdale Dossier sheet


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