Set a Watch: Forsaken Isles

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Set A Watch: Forsaken Isles is a 60-90 minute, cooperative adventure puzzle game for 1-4 players. Forsaken Isles is a stand-alone expansion featuring the same critically-acclaimed gameplay from the Set a Watch series. Every round you will visit a new location on your hunt for the evil Unhallowed. One hero will rest, get paid coin to take camp actions, and can visit the merchant for powerful items and potions. The rest of the party will go on watch and battle a line of creatures trying to make their way into camp. But, be wary of the new Doom mechanic that summons additional threats. The game is fully compatible with other Creatures, Locations, Items and Adventurers in the series which can all be mixed, matched, and played with this game.

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The Kingdom is in grave danger...

Evil never truly dies...and the Unhallowed are as evil as they come. Their vile Acolytes were driven from the kingdom, but rumors in ports across the Kingdom tell of a growing darkness at sea. Now, the Queen has gathered a group of adventurers to investigate this deadly threat. Only you have the unique skills to hunt down and defeat these cursed creatures, so mighty champions will you answer the Queen’s call?

Contents & Credits


6 Adventurer Boards, 32 Location Cards, 30 Ability Cards, 4 Rest Tokens. 6 Nature Cards, 2 Black Powder Cards, 1 Mounted Status Card. 1 Rock Charges Dial, 1 Merchant Board, 30 Item Cards, 16 Coin Tokens, 3 Doom Tokens, 1 Fire Token, 9 d6 Dice, 3 d8 Dice, 3 d12 Dice, 36 Creature Cards, 4 Summon Cards, 13 Unhallowed Cards. 9 Kraken Cards, 1 Camp Board



Published by Rock Manor Games
Game Design: Todd Walsh & Mike Gnade
Game Development: Ryan Ward & Samuel Bailey
Adventurer Illustrations: Boris Stanisic
Creature Illustrations: Marc Grunert & Bruno Schwartz
Location Illustrations: Andreas Rocha & Rastislav
Graphic Design: T.L. Simons
Item Illustrations: Ella Villa & T.L. Simons
Technical Editing: Andrea Dell'Agnese & Julia Faeta

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