Welcome to the Steampunk world of Cobalt.

For centuries, Cobalt has been ruled by corporations seeking to enhance their wealth and influence with Brass.

Each turn, you will play Employee cards from your hand to gain resources. These resources will allow you to acquire new Employees, Buildings, and Units for your deck. Battle and challenge your friends in this game of corporate espionage.

Brass Empire 3rd Edition

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Brass Empire is a strategic Steampunk deckbuilding card game for 1-5 players where players battle and sabotage other companies to amass economic wealth and influence. Journey to the world of Cobalt where an obsession with Brass, the most valuable resource in the world, drives corporate greed and corruption. Select one of five corporate factions, each with their own unique gameplay mechanics. Build your corporation from the ground up by hiring employees, researching powerful steampunk contraptions, and defend your mining platform from sabotage.

Contents & Credits


55 Starting Cards, 5 Corporation starting decks, 100 Labor Pool center deck cards, 100 Design Pool center deck cards, 50 point tokens, 20 hit point tokens



Game Design and Development: Mike Gnade
Original Card Art: Declan Hart
Graphic Design: Mike Gnade & Akira X3
Additional Game Development: Matthew Cangialosi

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