Alien Frontiers Factions Definitive Edition

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Take control of one of eight different factions that give you unique benefits as you work to colonize planet Maxwell. Factions also adds agendas to the game extra scoring opportunities, and new alien tech to discover.


We’ve combined all of the Factions and Agenda cards from across all Faction Packs and Expansion packs for the first time. Alien Frontiers: Factions includes every single faction and agenda card from the entire history of Alien Frontiers. The Definitive Edition combines the following products:

Alien Frontiers: Factions

Faction Packs #1-4

Expansion Packs #1-6

Terran Exchange (2017 Promo)

Mercury's Angels

Alien Frontiers Expansions

Alien Frontiers Factions Definitive Edition an Alien Frontiers expansion
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Alien Frontiers Mercurys Angels Faction Pack board game expansion

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