A War of Whispers Miniatures Upgrade Pack

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A War of Whispers is a competitive board game for 2 to 4 players. Five mighty empires are at war for the world, but you are no mighty ruler. Instead, you play a secret society that is betting on the results of this war while pulling strings to rig the results and ensure their bets pay off. A War of Whispers is a game of deep strategy, hidden agendas, and shifting loyalties.

Contents & Credits

10 Treasure Cards, 10 Conquest Cards


Game and Expansion Design: Jeremy Stoltzfus

Game and Expansion Development: Dann May, Brenna Noonan

Illustration: Tomasz Jedruszek, Dann May

Art Direction and Graphic Design: Dann May

Modeling and 3D Rendering: Greg May

Rules Editing and Proofing: Petra Schlunk, Charlotte Jones

Marketing Coordination: Avery Freniere

Production Management: Tim Schuetz

Producer: Skye Walker

Executive Producer: Dan Yarrington

A War of Whispers Expansions


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