Our Adventuring Party

Dan Yarrington /  Time Lord

Dan Yarrington / Time Lord

Dan Yarrington started playing board and card games with his family and friends at a very early age and has continued to this day. He is an enthusiastic husband, father, brother, son, and avid and perpetual game evangelist in all these roles. Dan started working in the tabletop game industry in 1996, running events and selling games. Since then he expanded and operated multiple local retail stores as well as selling online and at conventions. Dan enjoys questing with his adventuring party to craft, polish, and celebrate vibrant games and continue the impressive growth of the tabletop games industry, one game at a time.

Tim Schuetz /  Wizard

Tim Schuetz / Wizard

Tim received a B.S. in Physics and Music from SUNY Albany where he graduated with high honors. He joined the Tabletop Tycoon Adventuring Party in 2010 and is responsible for bringing his wide perspective down to each individual division, problem, and opportunity, to help craft the optimal solution. He doesn't answer a question without thinking about the consequences. Tim's hobbies include tabletop RPGs, WarmaHordes, board games, video games, spending time with his family, and optimizing rules for new games to the breaking point.

Skye Walker /  Bardbarian

Skye Walker / Bardbarian

Skye joined the Tabletop Tycoon Adventuring Party after several managerial roles at other companies and leadership roles in college, including being a founding officer for a tabletop gaming organization. She is responsible for monitoring and bolstering our team's metrics, optimizing worker placement, and filling in wherever needed to punch problems in the face. When not at work, Skye can be found playing D&D, performing as a freelance musician, eating something sweet, or huddling with a heater.

Dann May /  Bard

Dann May / Bard

Dann's passion for both imaginative art and game design began with a childhood love of fantasy fiction, video games, and tabletop RPGs. He has worked professionally in the visual arts for 20+ years as a creative director, illustrator, 3D animator, and graphic designer in fields ranging from entertainment and gaming, to advertising and medical education. Dann joined the Tabletop Tycoon Adventuring Party in 2012, and is now responsible for the creative direction of our publishing division where he works with our team, artists, and game designers to develop and create games and products.

Brenna Noonan /  Mystic

Brenna Noonan / Mystic

Brenna received her M.A. from Mills College, where she was awarded the Elizabeth Mills Crothers Prize for creative excellence. After honing her community development skills in the NHL with the San Jose Sharks, she joined the Tabletop Tycoon Adventuring Party in 2017. She is now responsible for our marketing and outreach, running our Kickstarter campaigns, and producing our podcast and video content. Brenna also runs our playtesting group and helps develop games in our publishing division. You will likely see her at conventions, so be sure to say hello! In her free time, Brenna can be found playing hockey, streaming Overwatch, or playing way too many tabletop RPGs.

Joe Lattner /  Dungeon Master

Joe Lattner / Dungeon Master

From faraway lands, a wanderer appeared with a sharp tongue and thirst for adventure. In this new land of mountains and frozen rivers, he stumbled across a band of adventurers seeking glory and games. That band of adventurers was Tabletop Tycoon, and that hero was Joseph Lattner. Joe spent many years working in the taverns and inns of the midwest, eventually working his way up the distribution chain as a sales consultant in the Wine and Spirits industry. Having been an avid gamer all his life, Joe now uses his skills and abilities to help his fellow adventures (and clients) bring new and exiting games to players around the world.

James Takenaka /  Superhero

James Takenaka / Superhero

James has a BA in Economics from UC Irvine and a Masters in Accounting from USC. He has experience as a game store owner, manufacturer of licensed trading cards and T-shirts, and was Bandai America's Games Division Sales & Marketing Manager from 2007-2012. He joined Tabletop Tycoon in 2012 and is responsible for the Hit Point Sales division which assists small publishers with their distribution into the wholesale market. His free time is spent being a husband, father to 3 kids, playing basketball, watching TV, reading comic books, coaching youth basketball, and volunteering.