Tabletop Tycoon

Core Values and Responsibilities

Be Efficient and Organized

  • Be Punctual - Show up on time

  • Honor Deadlines - Complete projects assigned to you by the due date

  • Keep Current - Maintain your correspondence and task list as current every day

  • Stay Organized - Keep your physical and digital workspace neat and orderly

  • Do More With Less -  Increase efficiency   


Be Supportive and Positive

  • Offer Help - Offer assistance to others when they need it
  • Ask for Help - Request help from others when you need it
  • Accept Help - Accept assistance from others when offered
  • Show Gratitude - Thank others for their help
  • Create Fun - Bring the fun of games into the workplace


Be Awesome

  • Be Your Best - Always strive to improve your quality of work
  • Constant Vigilance! - Watch for issues and notify the team directly and immediately
  • Solve Problems - Help come up with solutions for issues and actively fix problems
  • Make Real Connections - Imagine yourself on the other end of every interaction
  • Embrace and Drive Change - Welcome measured change as a path to improvement and growth
  • Integrity First-  Be a person of integrity, courage, and conviction. Never be less than your best.
  • Respect - Value and recognize the integrity and hard work of your peers.
  • Pride of Performance - Be conscious and proud of your contributions to the workplace.