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  Here's a link to our Podcast!  Check us out to find out more information about  the latest and greatest in game creation .

Ever wondered how creating a tabletop game works? See below for all of the steps required to bring a game to life and which parts of our Tabletop Tycoon platform can assist you!

Here's a link to our podcast! Check us out to find out more information about the latest and greatest in game creation.
Here's a recent podcast Dan was a guest on! Find out about our company history and the joys and challenges of creating, publicizing, shipping, and the continuation of marketing/sales on the web and in brick-and-mortar stores! 


The Phases of Life

Concept:  This is the beginning of your game's journey, where you are dreaming up the ideas and formulating a vision for the game and product.

Design & Development: Here is where you labor over designing and developing the game through iterations and playtesting to a final version.


Creation: This stage is where you design the physical components of your game, create the graphics, and get quote estimates from factories you're interested in working with.

Funding & Promotion: It's Kickstarter time! Kickstarter is the most common funding method for gathering support for new tabletop games. It gives you the opportunity to spread excitement about your game to an international market and receive financial support for your company to bring the game to life. If you have alternative methods worked out for getting your game funded and promoted, you would do that here instead.

Production: With funding settled, it's time to work on getting your product manufactured. This stage involves reviewing pre-flight and pre-press layouts, proofing, sourcing components, and overseeing printing. This is also the time to secure a fulfillment partner to ensure that product will be ready to move as soon as production is finished and you will not have to pay any additional fees.

Transit from Factory: This is your game's long journey across the sea where the produced games come from the printers or manufacturers to a warehouse. This is also the time for you to work on wrangling last-minute address updates and add-ons to orders before product is ready for delivery.


Shipping & Fulfillment: At this point, your game is getting dispersed to backers around the world! If you opted not to utilize crowdfunding methods, this would be the time to send your games out to early-bird retailers who expressed interest in your game.

Sales & Distribution: Now that your game has debuted in the international market, it's time to solicit your game to more retailers to get it on more store shelves.

Marketing & Promotion: Congratulations on a successful game! Now your job is to keep the excitment for your game going via advertising, attending conventions, and singing the game's praises near and far.