Event IC Application

Thank you for your interest in helping us achieve successful convention experiences! Please complete the application below so that we are able to best evaluate your qualifications.

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Formatted as "Event IC - Your Full Name" (ex: Event IC - Davy Jones)
Please note that we do not offer travel reimbursements for our Event ICs. What we offer is a strong compensation package based on the needs of the individual, their experience, etc, where funds are paid at the close of the show.
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Please note that Tabletop Tycoon will not reimburse for any travel costs to get to the show. Lodging may be able to be negotiated into your compensation package as a whole, so please include that in the notes if you're interested in that!.
How many events do you want to attend, and which ones? Are you able to assist with set-up and tear-down? NOTE: there are two types of schedules we typically see requests for (and are the easiest for us to schedule as a result): one 8-hour shift each day with a one-hour lunch break OR one 4-hour shift each day.
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What is gameplay like? What draws you to this game? Etc