Tabletop Tycoon

Dan Yarrington

Founder and Entrepreneur

Dan Yarrington started playing board and card games with his family and friends at a very early age. Tabletop games enable a unique interactive experience, creating memories and shared stories around the table. Dan started working in the tabletop game industry in 1996, running events and selling games. Since then he expanded and operated multiple local retail stores as well as selling online and at conventions.

In 2008, Dan began a side project to expand into other parts of the industry. That side project began as Game Salute with media support and tools for the greater industry. Between 2008 and 2015, the company has expanded to multiple divisions that cover logistics, retail sales, wholesale sales, and publishing. In the years since 2012, Dan and his team have created and published award-winning board and card games and accessories including Everdell, Nemo’s War, Alien Frontiers, Black Orchestra, a series of games based on The Princess BridePolyHero Dice, and much more.

Tabletop Tycoon created a comprehensive platform for creating, manufacturing, and selling tabletop games including all aspects of production, logistics, sales, and promotion. This platform included Ship Naked, which provided comprehensive logistics and specializes in crowdfunding campaigns. Hit Point Sales provides consolidated wholesale sales to distributors and stores around the world.

In 2016, Dan created Board Game Booster Box, a benefit product for discovering new board and card games that benefits Toys for Tots. Each box contains 4 random board and card games, featuring thousands of titles from hundreds of publishers. For each Board Game Booster Box sold, Tabletop Tycoon donates 4 games to kids and families in need through Toys for Tots.

In July 2019, Tabletop Tycoon sold Ship Naked and Hit Point Sales to Funagain. Going forward, Tabletop Tycoon will focus on creating, publishing, and celebrating tabletop games and selling them around the world.

Dan enjoys questing with his adventuring party to craft, polish, and celebrate vibrant tabletop games. He is an enthusiastic husband, father, brother, son, and avid and perpetual game evangelist in all these roles. He truly appreciates the opportunity to work tirelessly each day with his staff, suppliers, and customers to continue the impressive growth of the tabletop games industry, one game at a time.


Starling Games

Starling Games publishes board and card games for folks who really love board and card games with depth and elegance. Our catalog includes strategy games like Everdell, Archmage, Black Orchestra, Alien Frontiers, and many more. For more details, visit


PolyHero Dice

PolyHero Dice take dice to a whole new level. With PolyHero, you evoke your hero with dice that actually look like the weapons and heroic equipment of your favorite type of character. PolyHero Dice are lovingly designed by Dann and Greg May. For more details visit

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Victory Point Games

Victory Point Games joined Tabletop Tycoon as a publishing studio in 2018. VPG specializes in historical games that draw inspiration from the great events of history, and brings them to life through sophisticated mechanics and thoroughly-researched accuracy. For more details, visit


Flying Meeple

Flying Meeple is a bright new board and card game publisher. We're excited to create and publish a new generation of tabletop games for children and families! Flying Meeple games are fun and easy to play, have colorful and friendly graphics, and you'll want to play them again and again. For more details, visit



At Sparkworks we create games for friends and family to enjoy together, with titles ranging from casual to party to games inspired by the wonder of our world. We also release licensed titles, such as our series of games based on the timeless classic The Princess Bride. For more details, visit

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Board Game Booster Box (BGBB)

Board Game Booster Box™ is a blind box for board games. Otherwise known as a Game-Night-in-a-Box™, each box is unique and contains 4 random games. They help gamers discover new favorites from the huge variety of titles that release each year. Our goal is not only to get your games in the hands of gamers, but also in the hands of every kid who needs one!

For each Board Game Booster Box we distribute, we donate games to kids and families in need through Toys For Tots®, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity run by the US Marine Corps. Last year, Toys for Tots reached over 7 million kids across the country with the help of the generous folks who contributed.

For more information, visit